What you'll learn

  • Understand What Undetectable Malware is
  • Learn How to Install Python and Pip Install the Veil Framework
  • Understand the Gnome Desktop Install Wine Mono
  • Learn How to Install Metasploit Test the MSF Console
  • Create an Exploit with Veil Test the Exploit on a Windows 10
  • Machine How to Encrypt the Payload to Avoid Detection
  • Discover How Hackers Take Control of Webcams, Modify Documents and Much More


  • You are about to learn how hackers create undetectable malware.
  • Skilled hackers are not using of the shelf products to create malware. They are using sophisticated methods to create malware and viruses that are undetectable my most popular antivirus solutions.
  • You will learm how to install Python and Pip as well as how to install the Veil Framework.
  • You will also learn how to install Metasploit and add the final touches to the Veil Framework
  • Finally you will be able to create your very own payload with Veil and learn how to encrypt the payload
  • You will be shown how the payload can be installed on a Windows 10 machine and how it will evade detection by the latest antivirus software.
  • See how hackers can potentially steal files, control webcams, grab screenshots, upload files and even modify and manipulate files.

Link: How Hackers Create Undetectable Malware and Viruses

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